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Great Expectations

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Happy new year to each and every one of you. We are back starting a fresh new year with lots of exciting plans in the diary already, exciting times!

So, did your significant other put a ring on it this festive season? If so you may want to keep reading as this ones for you! And all our other lovely readers who fancy taking part in a little competition. But first...

As we take the decorations down and clear out the final Christmas chocolates we all start thinking of ways we can start a fresh with aspects of our lives. Being healthier, being more organised, embracing happiness or just letting go of stresses that got us down in the past. Well I'm going to do a little bit of each of those this year and hope that the rest just falls into place :)

Sometimes we can put too much pressure on ourselves to change everything all at once and when things don't go to plan we can feel defeated or let down. This leads me nicely to the title of this blog actually, Great Expectations.

As photographers we can head into a job having a good idea of what our clients want. We like to keep in close contact and always be available to answer questions or bounce ideas around. We visit venues and meet our couples to build a good relationship well in advance of the big day but what do you really expect from your photographer?

So you've said yes, you've celebrated this truly momentous event and now it's time to start planning. Most couples will have had a conversation about their dream wedding location, what colours they like and don't like, but how about what actually goes on during the big day? What do you expect from the photographer on the day?

You will have come to realise that James and I like to blend in with your wedding guests and document your day as unobtrusively as possible. This is how we would like it to be if we tied the knot again but it might not be for everyone. The wedding day can be a very daunting time so sometimes having a calm presence around to help you can be a welcome addition. We notice a lot of the time the guests come to us to find out what's happening next? Where are we moving to now? and in this scenario we do become a sort of ring leader of the day, in a non shouty way of course!

By the time the day arrives we like to think we know our clients well and have got the vibe of the day. We know when to back off or when it's ok to stay around. We would hate to get to a point where you have to tell us 'where to go' so it's really important that you get the ground rules down beforehand.

Learn from your experiences too. If you've been a guest of a fair few weddings you will have memories of what the photographer was like and whether you liked their approach or not so use that when choosing your photographer.

Ultimately, we want to deliver the best possible outcome for your day and we want to meet or hopefully exceed your expectations of us before, during and after your special day.

So to kick off January we wanted to open up a little competition. We would like to hear from you about what you expect from us as your photographer. Engaged or not this is open everyone!

All you need to do is leave a comment on this post about what is the one main thing you consider when looking to book a photographer, on j-foto Facebook page or sign up to this blog if you are happy for us to use your email address only for the purposes of this blog.

The winner will receive a free canvas print (60cm x 90cm size) of a photograph we have taken already, if you have been a past client or if you're not, we will do a short photo session with you and you will receive a canvas from this session. The winner will be chosen at random and revealed on Saturday 19th at 20:00.

So just click the 'comment' button on our Facebook page or sign up to the blog and get commenting!

Competition closes this Friday 11th at midnight ;)

Good luck!

***please note only applicants names are required to enter the competition and will be used for competition purposes only. Applicants names will only be kept for the duration of the competition. Any further advertisements you may receive following the competition will be due to following j-foto on Facebook only***

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1 Comment

Natalie Hamilton
Jan 08, 2019

We have used both j foto and j foto kids. We were both quite nervous with our wedding and pre wedding shoot photos at what to expect as we are not really ones for having our photos taken. James was professional throughout and made us feel really comfortable throughout both days. Giving us pointers and making us laugh and relax. We were absolutely over the moon with all our photos James has done and our amazing wedding album and couldn’t thank James enough!

Jaqui has photographed our little boy alfie on 3 seperate occasions. She was lovely and patient on all 3 times, even when he had a meltdown and needed a break or a nappy change. She was calming…

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