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Thief Hall Wedding

Thief Hall was the venue for Lana and Natalies wedding. This is a dedicated venue for weddings and they really pull out the stops to make sure the wedding goes to plan. During the ceremony both Lana and Natalie looked amazing in their wedding dresses.

Being the wedding photographer gives me the best position of the ceremony. This was a very emotional ceremony, as the wedding had been cancelled a few times prior due to covid and everyone was happy that Lana and Natalie could finally be Mrs & Mrs.

With the wedding at Thief Hall taking place in February, no one can predict the weather. Whilst dry it was a little blustery. But Lana and Natalie were both happy to do the confetti run. All the guests threw the confetti as the happy couple walked between them. See above photo.

After the confetti shoot, we moved the the room were the wedding breakfast was to take place. This was a great time to get a nice photo of the lovely couple before we headed out for a few posed photos.

Thief Hall provides many locations for photography, it was a great time to take Lana and Natalie out with their dogs.

Also it was nice to get a few close up shots in a more sheltered location. As you can see Lana and Natalie look so relaxed together, They needed very little direction.

One thing that is for sure Isis you are able to capture a sunset photo, Thief Hall gives you beautiful landscape options to watch the sun go down. So why not take advantage of this and pose the couple for an amazing sunset photo.

The Speeches took place after the posed shots Natalie began her speech after her father opened up proceedings. As always , the speeches are a great time to bring some emotion and laughter to the room. The speeches didn't disappoint.

After the speeches, it was a perfect chance to get another photo of Lana and Natalie. Thief Hall internally has numerous backdrops you can use to get some lovely photos.

This is something I haven't done before. The table photo challenge. Lana and Natalie had the duration of one song to dash between tables and get a photo of themselves on each table. This was frantic and great fun for the guests.

Do not worry, this isn't an injured waiter. This is the singing waiter who staged a fall to get everyones attention. he promptly began singing to the delight of all the guests. Only Lana and Natalie new this was going to happen.

The singing waiter got everybody involved and created lots of laughter as you can see from the photo above. This is a great addition to any wedding package if you want to get the guests stirred up. They were plant of games that the guests were involved in, including some one on one singing.

My day ended with the first dance Lana and Natalie. This was a lovely dance that was soon the involve all of the guests joining them on the dance floor.

Thief hall was an ideal location to have both the ceremony and wedding breakfast and evening do at. The wedding co-ordinators, were closely involved throughout the day to ensure the timings of the event and also to ensure the married couple were also kept happy. This is the first time I have done a wedding at this venue, I am looking forward to future weddings at Thief Hall.

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