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Wentbridge House Wedding

The venue of Wentbridge House Hotel is a perfect place to celebrate your wedding.

The day unfortunately was damp with scattered showers, but this didn't dampen the mood of the wedding.

I managed to get some photos of Susannah getting ready, Susannah and the bridesmaids were keen to get some nice shots prior to the wedding.

Soon it was time for the ceremony, Anthony and Susannah were pretty excited at this point, there was lots of relaxed laughter during the lovely ceremony. Wentbridge House Hotel provide a really nice ceremony room that was able to seat all the 40 guests.

We managed to spot a gap in the weather and we were able to get Susannah and Anthony outside for a few photos. We were only outside for a short period of time. One thing I wanted to capture was Susannah's dress, she looked amazing the above photo shows her lovely dress, whilst holding her bouquet of flowers.

Fortunately Wentbridge House Hotel has some lovely internal spots to take some internal photos of Susannah and Anthony.

During the wedding breakfast, to the surprise of Susannah and Anthony, a singing waiter entertained the m both and all the guests. They were amazing and I would recommend adding a singing waiter as part of your wedding package, it is a brilliant way to get the whole of the guests to enjoy there day and to be take part in the entertainment that they offer.

As the evening came I was able to get another beautiful photo of the happy couple outside Wentbridge House Hotel and added a bit of flare to the photo. ( see above photo).

After the first dance Susannah and Anthony came outside to get an amazing shot of them walking between sparklers that the guests were holding.

This is the first time I have shot a wedding at Wentbridge House Hotel, I hope to be back there again, it provides some ideal locations for beautiful photos and for the wedding couple it provides everything you would require under one roof.

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