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From 'Will you marry me?' to 'I do!'

Meet Ben and Lucy now known as Mr and Mrs Scholey newly married just a few short weeks ago. Here they are stealing a few minutes away from the party to just be together and look back on what a fantastic day they've had. Well, I would like to go a little further back for you as we've known these guys quite a while now and have been part of their special journey from literally start to finish. So let's rewind back and see how the love story began....

Many moons ago before Lucy knew even who Ben was, she was at work having a little moan and groan about how rubbish guys are in general and how being single is less than desirable :( At the time Lucy was having this conversation with Ben's step mum. In a last ditch attempt to stop Lucy swearing off guys forever she started showing photo's of her step son. So Lucy was presented with pictures of a tall, handsome young man who, she was assured, was single, had a job and most importantly was normal! After chatting about Ben for most of their shift Lucy thought she would throw caution to the wind and she handed over her phone number, brave lady.

Not long later that week Lucy received a text from Ben and they soon started to regularly chat and text each other until they decided to meet face to face. Nervously Lucy met Ben at her local bar and there was nothing to worry about as they hit it off instantly.

Fast forward 5 months of as she describes it as 'amazing adventures', 'romantic moments' and heaps of 'mushy stuff' it was their first Christmas together. Lucy decided this was the time she wanted to give Ben his present...a key to her house. As we all know this is a major part in a couples relationship which is why she knew it was meant to be. Now a little time later this is where we step in...

Ben wanted to surprise Lucy with a present of his own and got in touch with us. One sunny afternoon he planned a romantic picnic for them to share in Roundhay park and this was when he was going to ask that all important question to Lucy.

Trying to act as nonchalant as possible, James strolled around the park, hiding behind trees as and when required, holding a rather large camera and lense! This may look quite strange to the average park goer but it was integral to pull off this surprise proposal without letting the cat out of the bag. All went to plan and here is the moment Ben presented Lucy with her beautiful engagement ring and of course she said yes!

After the shock wore off James met up again to complete their engagement session. Smiles all round and no hiding behind bushes this time just lots of chilled out, romantic moments together.

Since moving in together they have been inseparable. "From the 7 red roses to celebrate our 7 amazing dates together to the surprise proposal I can honestly say it was love at first sight"

"Ben is a true gentleman, he's so kind, thoughtful, caring and funny and he has truly swept me off my feet".

Here they are just about to exchange their vows at Casa in Brighouse. Family and friends watched on as they laughed and cried through their ceremony and speeches.

So the next time someone wants to set you up on a blind date or you know someone that is going on one, this is a little ray of hope that it really can work.

Lucy took a little leap of faith when she greed to meet up with Ben but look how it turned out. We were honoured to be asked to document their love story and really feel like we are part of the family now.

Final piece of advice from Mrs S... "to anyone who is thinking of going on a blind date remember:

Don't drink more than 3 glasses of wine :)

Don't kiss by a cash point

Finally, believe it can happen because it will!

Congratulations from us x

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