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Always work with children and animals

As it says in the title I have flipped the well known saying on it's head as we love working with kids and animals. Yes they can be unpredictable and a little loopy at times but this just means your going to get a really exciting set of pictures.

I had the pleasure of working with some lovely people over the last few weeks and whats been even better is we have had their pets come join us on our shoot.

Meet Danielle and Robert and their beautiful horse Ruby and little dog Tilly. When I knew Danielle owned a horse I just had to include her in their engagement session. Having not had much experience with horses I went into this with an open mind especially when I knew Tilly was joining us, I thought this could go one of two ways! But Tilly didn't let the size difference get in the way and she very much ruled the show.

It was clear from the start that Danielle had an extremely strong bond with Ruby so I really wanted to capture that in their photo's. There was lot's of nose kisses and snuggles just showing she was not left out of this union. If anything poor Rob didn't get much of a look in but I'm sure this is something he's used to :) Lovely Tilly got lots of attention too with treats on hand to ensure she also felt the love.

Tilly and Ruby are very much part of the family as are most peoples pets so we find more often than not our lovely clients ask to bring then along.

We feel very relaxed around our pets so this is a great idea if your feeling a little nervous for having your photo taken.

Tracy and Dean did just this on their pre wedding pics. They loved it so much that Milly and Beau, their beloved Pugs, came and made an appearance on the wedding day.

I think they got more attention than the bride and groom!

Our pets are like our kids and we LOVE taking photo's of them so this is no different. So if you have an engagement shoot coming up or even if you would like to have a fun family photo shoot that includes your fur babies then just give us a shout!

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