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Why have a pre wedding shoot?

Good question. What even is a pre wedding shoot you ask, well it simply is a photo shoot just you and your partner so you can feel comfortable in front of the camera. There's many reasons why having a pre wedding shoot or engagement shoot as I like to call them and here's just a few.

So we may not all be used to having our photo taken in a professional way, it can also be very daunting to feel relaxed in front of a semi stranger and sometimes this anxiety can show up in the pictures. Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience and we want you to not have to worry one little bit about 'posing' for your pictures.

First of all location is key, as long as you feel comfortable then it won't be long until we are in full swing into the shoot. A local park not only acts as a great backdrop but also we can work it so that there's not many people around so your not feeling self conscious. James and I love to keep things nice and relaxed and generally just snap away while your just having a nice quiet time together. This approach seems to work the best.

Let's not discount how exciting it is when your loved one asked you to marry them. It's a moment we probably have visualised for a long time and it's finally happened! Yay! So why not celebrate that in it's own right. Plus you can also use the photo's as a center piece for those all important 'save the date cards'

Engagement shoots are also a great way for us, your photographer, to know how you are in front of the camera so we know how best to work with you on the big day. Your wedding is a unique day with every detail chosen by you and your pictures should reflect that. Some people dislike the formal group shots and prefer the more off the cuff photo's whereas others favour the more traditional and structures images. The engagement shoot helps us learn what your chosen style is so we can deliver just what you love.

Simon and Mandy opted for a more edgy look for their shoot using Leeds city streets to frame them. These two were more than happy to show their love to world and even took the opportunity to have a few family pictures too.

Engagement photo shoots may not be for everyone but we do offer them as a complimentary feature of all our packages so if you would like to discuss this option further just get in touch :)

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