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One lump or two?

Can you spot the impostor in this picture? Yes there's James doing his thing at the very same time I'm getting a different view of Dad seeing his daughter in her dress for the first time.

On some occasions two heads really are better than one and this really can be the case at weddings. A lot happens on a wedding day, not only have you got the main couple to keep your eye on but also you could be missing a fabulous shot of the mother of the bride looking super proud and even a little bit teary. The front of the ceremony room is where it's all happening but your guests reactions are priceless too. So rather than running around like headless chickens we offer a package that gives you two photographer for just a tiny bit extra. Money well spent we feel.

The morning of the wedding is always a bit hectic for both sides of the family. You'll have best friends sipping a glass of fizz talking about how long they have been friends for and how they imagined this day when they were at school. Mum's welling up at the sight of her daughter having her veil delicately put into place. Then you have the groom. He's trying to stay calm, trying not to show too much emotion, chatting with his best men about the stag do while having a bottle of beer to steady nerves.

Here's Gemma with her doting Dad just as she walks down the aisle to her groom who is waiting anxiously for the music to play. Without both of us being there working as a team we wouldn't have been able to be in both places and it would have been such a shame to miss this lovely glance back from Gemma.

On this occasion James took the lead and stayed at the front of the church to get all the beautiful moments of the exchange of vows and rings.

I stayed back to capture the those same moments from a distance enabling me to get a full room shot and guests reactions. And lets not forget the first kiss...

Being husband and wife we tend to know what each other is thinking and don't get under each others feet. We plan in advance of where we are going to be and who will take charge of what and this really works.

I love being around the bride and her bridesmaids and feeling all the excitement build up. So James can be with the guys. His cool, calm persona tends to relax even the most nervous of groom so he can be handy to have around in between taking photo's.

I helped Tracy slip on these gorgeous heels and watched as her make-up artist completed the finishing touches to her lip stick.

Over the road James was distracting Dean who was certainly feeling a little nervous.

The flower girls also loved playing along with James jokes and were thoroughly entertained while they were waiting for the car to arrive.

We also help one another to capture the best from a shot like suggesting different angles or poses. Having a second set of eyes on it can really help. It's the simple things sometimes such as arranging the brides dress or sweeping her hair out of her face before we push the button. Or tucking in an unruly tie on a page boy :)

Here is another example. This is a fabulous part of Bradford City Hall with all it's moody darkness it adds a certain drama to a picture. However the lighting can be a bit difficult.

In true Romeo and Juliet style Tracy and Dean take a moment on the balcony while James takes the shot. But hiding behind the pillar is me and a soft box to try and brighten them up a bit. Without this extra bit of lighting help this image would have looked rather gloomy than dramatic plus we wouldn't have been able to see our lovely couple half as much. Having an extra pair of hands is really useful to us but also to get the most out of your photo's.

Have a look through the prices and packages section for what's included and when you're trying to decide on a photographer, think to yourself, one lump or two?


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