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Oh Baby Baby!

When you find out your having a baby it's a very exciting, daunting and emotional time. Luckily we have 9 long and sometimes painful months to prepare for this little arrival and when they do we all stand back and what?

Well, those of us with kids know all too well how quickly they grow up.Those first few weeks and months can go by in a bit of a blur. I know so many mum's who have said that the first 6 months of their tiny life was a complete haze what with no sleep, not knowing what we're doing and questioning our every move.

Where am I going with this, well, because of this crazy speed in which they grow I love to capture photo's of those early days. So when we are in a fog we can look back and remember just how precious and tiny they were :)

Meet little Jack. He was around 12 days old when I got the pleasure of photographing him and his cute little button nose!

It's all in the detail for me as you look at their delicate faces, hints of Mum but with Dad's eyes, long fluttering lashes that we all long for as adults. Dimples in the chin so perfectly formed. I love to capture these things because before you know it they are sitting up or even crawling round your living room on a mission for destruction!

Whilst it is really gorgeous to see your tiny human all wrapped up tightly and surrounded by flower petals however, I still think less is more. Simple images of our babies peacefully sleeping or having a cuddle with Mummy or Daddy can sometimes be just as beautiful.

We look at them as miniature miracles that have just entered our lives and for me to be asked to go to someones home and capture these unforgettable moments is a true honour.

Newborn sessions can be unpredictable at times and this is why being in the comfort of your own home can make it soooo much easier. You have everything on hand that you or baby might need to keep things calm. Their snuggle blanky, back up dummies, milk on tap, costume changes, comfy familiar armchair for Mum, so I totally encourage the 'at home' approach.

Just going back to my earlier point about wrapping, here is baby Alex who just did not want to be wrapped, no amount of warm room temperature, nice warm milk was going to make this little fella chill out enough to curl up in a ball and fall asleep. Plus he has super long legs which he loved to stretch out. You can actually see the wrap just draper over Mum's arm as we made the final call to ditch the idea entirely! All fun trying though :)

Yes this is a totally adorable picture of Daddy holding baby in one hand and that's because he was so teeny tiny and completely relaxed. Make way world for Axl-Blue, a totally rockstar name for I'm pretty sure a rockstar kid. He was only 9 days old when I photographed him and new Mum and Dad and he was an absolutely joy to work with.

Emily and Adam wanted the photo's to be really natural, nothing too posed or forced and I think we did just that.

When we see the scan picture for the first time they appear like a coffee bean floating around, it's hard to imagine they will grow slowly into this bundle of a human being. But when they arrive it's hard to imagine life without them around. These early pictures are so important and so much fun to produce. Having a little threenager of my own I can totally relate to that new parent feeling. I know what it's like to be still recovering but on 24 watch of this incapable little thing and I know how much patience it requires to get the pictures that new parents want. I always say a newborn session takes as long as it takes and I'm willing to take that time to produce something truly special.

If you know anyone that is due to welcome a new additional to their family, why not suggest getting in touch and we can book in a session. The earlier the better so I would recommend making a booking even before baby has arrived.

Or why not treat someone to a photo session as a welcome gift? Just send us a message on our facebook page or our website.

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