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Gettin out there

James and I love taking photographs of pretty much anything as you've probably gathered, so when we go out and about we always have the camera with us. When times are busy it's really important to take time out and reflect on life. We love going out for drives and stumbling on places to explore, you just never know just whats on your door step.

Ok so this isn't quite on our doorstep but it is a place we love visiting. The Lake District never fails to offer some epic views and sometimes if the light hits the mountains just right it almost looks unreal. Earlier this year we packed ourselves off and enjoyed a short break in the lakes spending most of our days driving around, stopping for a picture then driving some more.

Penelope found this incredibly boring so of course the obligatory ice cream stops were a regular feature too. Although she did enjoy throwing pebbles into the water.

It's incredible when the water is so still it acts as a huge mirror and the reflections look amazing. It wasn't quite that still but not far off.

Here she is assuming the usual position, on daddies back.

Last year we took our family holiday down in beautiful Devon, a place I had visited many times as a child. We were blessed with gorgeous weather for the whole week plus we chose a really cute cottage to stay in which was in the middle of nowhere. It was so tranquil and relaxing it was just what the doctor ordered. We were lucky enough to find out that there were owlets nesting in the barn opposite, so as evening came we witnessed mother owl on the hunt for food, a rare sight.

We had a stroll around Lynmouth whilst we were in the area, here's a shot of the stunning coast line peaking out from behind the cliff railway. This was a gorgeous little village as was it's neighboring town Lynton, both worth a visit.

We did do some kid friendly activities too and took ourselves to the zoo! Penelope couldn't get enough of the cute little meercats, here's one pondering now.

We also like to involve Penny in a lot of the decision making, below you can see she's scatching her head whilst looking at the zoo map (upside down of course)

A lot closer to home we are lucky enough to live in the heart of the Yorkshire countryside with rolling fields just on our doorstep. When it's not snowing (that can be quite frequent in winter months) we head out with a flask of coffee armed with our camera and just see where the path takes us.

We are soon taking a break for a week and traveling down to Devon again as it left such an impression on us last year. Hopefully we can explore some new places and let you know what we find when we return.

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